Using YEACODE High-Resolution Piezoelectric Inkjet Printer for Secondary Packaging Coding and Marking

Considering factors such as cost savings, reduction of pre-printed cardboard stock, and environmental concerns, an increasing number of manufacturing enterprises are opting for online inkjet coding equipment to replace labels and pre-printed cardboard.

YEACODE is dedicated to providing businesses with the optimal identification solution that enhances productivity, reduces operational costs, and contributes to environmental protection.

YEACODE’s Drop-on-Demand (DOD) Piezoelectric Inkjet (PIJ) equipment delivers stable and high-resolution printing effects. It produces high-definition 1D barcodes and 2D QR codes, and can also print fixed or variable data content such as logos, text, images, tables, and more.

Large-format Printing:

A single printhead can achieve a maximum printing width of up to 71.8mm. A set of equipment can control up to four printheads in any combination. Stacking printheads can provide a maximum printing width of 280mm, allowing a single system to independently print on both sides of the packaging box.


Versatile Materials:

Different types of inks can be selected for different materials of the box. For absorbent materials like corrugated cardboard boxes, oil-based inks are suitable, while UV inks, paired with UV lamps, can be used for non-permeable materials like coated color boxes.


Label Replacement:

Using labels for identification is not only costly but also poses environmental and logistics risks due to the possibility of label detachment. YEACODE offers a free Windows print engine function that can directly replace label printers on existing label printing software (such as Nicelabel, Bartender, etc.), maintaining the original operational habits without the need for re-layout.


Industry 4.0:

YEACODE provides a comprehensive and free software development kit. Through a standard Ethernet interface, it can seamlessly integrate with the factory’s MES and ERP systems, achieving multi-level packaging correlation and complete product traceability.



YEACODE inkjet printers operate on the Android operating system with an interface similar to that of a smartphone. The intuitive user interface enables operators to easily and quickly edit printing information and adjust parameters.


To learn more about YEACODE’s secondary packaging identification solutions, feel free to contact YEACODE experts.

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