Industrial Coding & Marking System

Based on Piezoelectric Technology Inkjet Printer

As the increasing need for traceability and faster,more reliable technology in manufacturing,YEACODE provides the most cost-effective and reliable solutions for your production applications.

With the wide range of systems we offer, YEACODE believes we have the right solution you are looking for,and meet the changing coding and marking requirements of all industries. YEACODE is committed to be your reliable coding system supplier.

High Resolution Inkjet Printer

A wide range of Piezoelectric technology based printheads for option, single head with print height at 32.4mm, 54.1mm, 71.8mm, and the modularization makes the equipment for easy installation and integration. UV ink and oil-based ink are developed to print high quality barcodes, batch numbers, date codes, logos and large or small characters.

Continuous Ink Supply System

Stable centralized ink supply system, centralized management of ink, ink replenishment without downtime, low ink detection,and optional functions such as heating and stirring. Which guarantees a hassle free experience for continuous production.

UV Curing System

YEACODE UV system is equipped with different specifications of UVLED that work with UV ink offers accurate and consistent UV curing across a variety of substrates. Air-cooled design, compact, robust provides the highest quality results for various application scenarios.


YEACODE provides a variety of inks with UV base and oily base, which are suitable for different materials in porous and non-porous, The stable ink supply provides the long-term stable operation of YEACODE machine.


YEACODE has multiple capabilities to provide highly reliable solution from standard software to customized software integration. From standard Android platforms to software solutions for label design, easily interface with database for managing print content.

Industrial Applications

YEACODE provides industrial-grade coding equipment, typical applications like large-size character coding on corrugated carton, medical UDI identification, variable QR code traceability, etc.

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