Printing Issues

Start Printing Button grayed out, cannot start printing.

Check if the printer is powered on and correctly connected.

Frame missing

Cleanse Nozzle, instructions refer to Maintenance Guide Book.

Blurry or Scattered prints

Reduce the distance between printhead and substrates.

Ghosting and Horizontal Mirror Prints

Change settings in “Pint Settings >Direction Settings>Line Directions

Printing started, but no content printed

Ink run out Check if CISS ink run out
Check ink cartridge chip status if need to change cartridge

Print Delay exceed printing target length
Check Print Delay settings

No Photocell signals Reassure Photocell connection
Check settings in“Peripheral Manager>General>Photocell

No Synchronizer signals
Reassure Synchronizer connection;
Check settings in“Peripheral Manager>General>Synchronizer

Cannot identify ink cartridge

Ink cartridge not successfully connected, Reconnect ink cartridgeInk cartridge not successfully connected Reconnect ink cartridge.
Wrong Sales Code on ink cartridge Try another cartridge and contact supplier.

Cannot identify photocell

 Photocell not successfully connect
Reassure Photocell connection.

Wrong photocell settings
Check settings in“Peripheral Manager>General>Photocell

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