8B Printhead

Yeacode 8B printhead prints up to 71.8mm height for single printhead. It supports any available combination and positioning of up to 4 printheads with maximum print height 280mm. High quality contents downward/sideward in high speed production lines, supports oil based and UV ink to print on both porous and non-porous substrates.


Single printhead print height 71.8mm

Single printhead print height 71.8mm

Control system:   81 Controller       84 Controller

Ink Supply System:  MCISS

4 printheads can be combined or separated

Support any available combination and positioning of up to 4 printheads, one print file contain the information of different groups of printheads, available to edit and control in the same time
Control different print surface in the same time
Modular design, minimal maintenance

Control system:   84 Controller

Ink Supply System:  MCISS



Technology Piezoelectric Printing
Print Engine SEIKO
Print Speed 1-55mpm (180dpi)
Throw Distance 0-5mm (Optimum)
Resolution Vertical: 180DPI
Horizontal: 180/300/360DPI
Print Height 81 Series: 0.5-71.8mm
84 Series: 0.5-280mm
Print Orientation Sideward/Downward;
Ink Oil-based, UV ink;
Ink Management Auto read ink type and info, auto track ink usage.
Working Temperature 59°F (15°C) -104°F (40°C)
Storage Temperature 41° F (5°C) -113°F (45°C)
Hardware Dimensions Single Printhead: 226.5*144*43.5mm
Certifications CE、FCC

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